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Pole Technique Classes

Pole levels 1-5: Designed using the Pole Fitness Association grading scale of beginner/intermediate/advanced, each Level has been further divided into 3 distinct skill sets: Spin, Climb, & Invert. Each skill set focusses on core moves, techniques, and combinations in each specific level. Skills & techniques are designed as building blocks for the next level.

Pole Level 1: Basic/Beginner Skills
Pole Level 2: Beginner/Intermediate Skills
Pole Level 3: Intermediate Skills & Combinations
Pole Level 4: Intermediate/Advance Skills & Combinations
Pole Level 5: Advanced Skills & Combinations

*Instructor Permission required advance

* All new clients required to start Pole Level 1

  Pole Fitness & Dance Classes

Spin Pole

Learn how to master your pole moves, with a spin. Improve your balance, coordination, and work different muscles using spin pole instead of static.

Level comparable to Static Level groups.


Pole Flow

It’s sexy dance time! Dislike the “free dance time” of pole class? Learn how to transition between moves learned in Pole Level 1, floor work, and more!
Heels optional.
*Pre-requisite: At least two (2) prior Pole level 1 classes


Pole Conditioning

Get ready to sweat! This is an intermediate pole conditioning class for clients to increase strength, grip, & flexibility for more advanced combination, transitions, etc.

*Pre-requisite: At least two (2) prior Pole level 1 classes



Fitness & Dance Classes

Body Burn

30 Minute Bikini Body – So long, Spanx! Stay in bikini worthy shape year round with cardio, plyometrics, and strength training that are sure to keep you in your best shape ever. Forget the pre-summer panic! Keep your body ready for those itsy bitsy bikinis no matter what time of year



Bikini Body

60 minute class to keep you in bikini worthy shape year round. Combining cardio with plyometrics and strength training and upbeat music to help push you all the way through!



Twerk It

Work it while you twerk it and take your gluteus to the maximus! Condition your derriere in this athletic dance class that teaches students how to pop, drop, shake, clap, and isolate!
From beginner shakers to advanced isolaters this class breaks down each booty strengthening move.  Not for the faint of heart, you’ll be working hard while you twerk!


Stretch & Flex

Stretching and flexibility training to help relax muscles, release tension, and increase total flexibility.



Cardio Dance

Modern burlesque choreographed dance class. Incorporating tempting techniques with sexy aerobics to burn calories.  Sizzling dance moves will keep you sweating while you sweat away your inhibitions.

*Adult Only *Women Only

Video Vixen

Kick up your cardio celebrity style ~ dance like the stars, burn calories, and enjoy learning different routines.



Absolute Abs

Target your trouble spot with 30 minutes of intensive ab specific exercises.  6 pack here you come!







  • Pole Class Guidelines

    Please respect all “levels” set by the Studio.
    All students need instructor permission to move to a different level pole class, upon mastering each movement of the current level.
    Please do not wear any lotion during the day you are taking a pole class.
    Please remove all rings, bracelets, watches, & other jewelry that can mar the poles.
    You must have an instructor, NOT ANOTHER STUDENT show you new pole class technique.
    The instructor must be present while you are first attempting any new tricks
    Our pole equipment has a weight maximum of 225 pounds, set by the manufacturer.
    Poles can only withstand a certain amount of torque or force – we reserve the right to address this issue by asking you to use less force as you are spinning, or remove you from class.
    Please do not attempt to instruct your fellow students with current or new movements. Our instructors are trained & certified professionals in their form of dance/fitness and it is important for everyone’s safety that this rule is respected.
    If you are seen instructing another student, you will be asked to stop or to leave class.
    While first attempting any climbing or inversions, an instructor must be present to spot you.

  • Class Guidelines

    All clients must be 18+ years of age.
    Yoga mats & equipment is provided.
    Athletic attire.
    If attending pole class, please wear leggings that can expose the knee.
    Clients may bring heels
    Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of class.
    Please check-in for your class prior to participating, presenting your last name for our desk staff to check you in.
    Please listen when the instructor is addressing the group.
    There are no pets or children allowed in the Studio.

  • Late Policy

    If you are not present when a (full) class starts and there is a client waiting for a spot, your position will be surrendered and you will lose your class/be charged a late cancel charge.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Due to our class size limits and in order to be fair to your fellow students, we kindly ask that you cancel/reschedule a class at least 12 HOURS PRIOR to start time in order to keep the credit for your class if you are unable to attend. If you do not cancel within this period or if you are a no-show to the class, you will lose the class. Unlimited member will be charged a $5 fee to credit card on file per class missed . NO EXCEPTIONS.

I was very nervous going to my first pole class especially since I'm a plus sized gal. Amber is a great instructor who was welcoming and informative. It is so much fun that I didn't realize until the next day just how much of a workout I had gotten. I can't wait to try some of the other classes