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Class Information

 Pole Fitness & Dance Classes

Studio 7 Tulsa 2Pole levels 1-6: Designed using the Pole Fitness Association grading scale of beginner/intermediate/advanced, each Level has been further divided into 3 distinct skill sets: Spin, Climb, & Invert. Each skill set focusses on core moves, techniques, and combinations in each specific level. Skills & techniques are designed as building blocks for the next level.

Pole Level 1: Basic/Beginner Skills
Pole Level 2: Beginner/Intermediate Skills
Pole Level 3: Intermediate Skills
Pole Level 4: Intermediate Combinations
Pole Level 5: Advanced Skills
Pole Level 6: Advanced Combinations

Pole Strength & Conditioning*: An intense conditioning class for L2+ clients designed to target core muscles for advanced pole training. Pole intensive moves combined with strength training & conditioning movements to get a head to toe workout that will keep you strong for those strenuous pole workouts!

Pole FlowPole Flow*: A comprehensive pole class designed to teach transitions, fluidity, and overall body consciousness. From beginner pole moves to advanced combinations, clients learn how to move between their individual skills with a set choreography that provides a basic dance while allowing for personal free style & individual moves. This class is designed to help students of all skill levels to learn how to best utilize their assets and bring their own personal style to pole.

Open Pole: Open studio time to practice & perfect your pole techniques, combinations, and routines . An instructor will be present to answer any questions, but will not be leading class.

Floorwork Flow*:  Learn how to transition fluidly from floor tricks to floor poses; all the while engaging your abs, building your flexibility, working on your balance, & strengthening all over your body. *leg warmer or socks required*

Spin Pole*: Beginner to advanced pole techniques and combinations performed on a now spinning pole.  Spin pole works different muscle groups than static pole while allowing more fluid movement with dancelike techniques.  Levels per static level.

*All classes require at least two (2) prior Pole level 1 classes completed and approval by instructor.

Fitness & Dance Classes

Stretch/Flexibility: Stretching for flexibility class designed from a dancer’s perspective by targeting core large muscle groups focusing on pushing stretches for overall flexibility through legs, hips, and back.


Fitness Class- AbsAwesome Abs: High intensity cardio based class targeting moves that will tone upper & lower core.




Fitness Class- SquatsScultping Squats: Kick cellulite in the butt! Squating is a skill in this 30 minute glute intensive conditioning class combining calisthenics with strength conditioning and aerobic pilates, designed solely for firming, lifting, and toning your derrière.



bikinibombshellBikini Body:So long, Spanx! A total body toning class combining Pilates, cardio aerobics, bootcamp style strength training, plyometrics, and conditioning movements to Stay in bikini worthy shape year round.



hiphop8Video Vixen: Learn choreography from some of your favorite music videos while burning calories and elevating your heart rate!



ChairCardio Dance: Cardio Dance is a unique combination of Zumba, hip hop, gogo & chair incorporating dance techniques with cardio aerobics to burn calories & keep your heartrate up as you melt the pounds away.




Body Burn: A 30 Minute total body toning class using intensive full body conditioning skills combined with medium intensity cardio.

HandstandHardcore Handstands: Build the strength & flexibility needed to hit your handstand in this hardcore handstands class.  The class begins with strength and endurance exercises to build the muscles required for a balanced handstand then move through different poses and holds to help work your way up to a perfect handstand.  All levels.



twerkTwerk It: Work it while you twerk it and take your gluteus to the maximus! Condition your derriere in this athletic dance class that teaches students how to pop, drop, shake, clap, and isolate! From beginner shakers to advanced isolaters this class breaks down each booty strengthening move.  Not for the faint of heart, you’ll be working hard while you twerk!

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Alexxa the instructor was awesome, she was great at making me feel at home and comfortable. I am sore this morning in a new way; like taking yoga for the first time. The class was up beat funky and a blast-I cannot wait to go to class again tonight!