Fitness & Dance Classes

Bikini Body

60 minute class to keep you in bikini worthy shape year round. Combining cardio with plyometrics and strength training and upbeat music to help push you all the way through!

Body Burn

30 Minute Bikini Body - So long, Spanx! Stay in bikini worthy shape year round with cardio, plyometrics, and strength training that are sure to keep you in your best shape ever. Forget the pre-summer panic! Keep your body ready for those itsy bitsy bikinis no matter what time of year.

Lap Dance!

Want to learn fun and exciting moves for your partner in a safe and comfortable environment? In this class you will learn a variety of tricks in and around a lap.

Twerk It

Work it while you twerk it and take your gluteus to the maximus! Condition your derriere in this athletic dance class that teaches students how to pop, drop, shake, clap, and isolate! 

 From beginner shakers to advanced isolaters this class breaks down each booty strengthening move.  Not for the faint of heart, you'll be working hard while you twerk!

Hello Heels

An introductory class where you will work on walks, turns, and clacks, ankle flexibility and strengthening, heel care and maintenance. 

*heels required

Video Vixen Dance

Kick up your cardio celebrity style ~ dance like the stars, burn calories, and enjoy learning different routines. Bring your water bottle and flirty attitude to this class!
*Chairs are provided if needed as props*

Private Lessons

Do you prefer one on one instruction? Private lessons are available with many of our talented instructors.  Sessions are priced on and hourly rate with a 60 minute minimum.  Rates vary by instructor based on training and experience.  If you are interested in booking private sessions please give us a call.

Pole Dance Classes​

Pole L1

You’ll be a vixen in no time in our beginning pole class. Begin with a fun warm up and stretch to get your body moving, then you'll  workout and stretch to warm up your body. Burn lots of calories as you walk, spin, and strut to begin your pole experience!

*Appropriate attire: Shorts that can expose your knee 

**NO LOTION prior to pole class

Pole L2

Move on from Level 1 simple struts & spins to climbing, inverting, handstands, and putting different moves together. Take your Pole Obsession to new heights and discover new muscle definition along the way!

*Instructor Permission to attend

**Shorts Required

Pole L3+

Continue to take your Pole Obsession to new heights and discover new muscle definition along the way! Climbing, inverting, handstands are just the basics to learning more daring and difficult tricks. Continue to define your arms, back, shoulders, core, and leg muscles by pushing your body further than you ever imagined.

*Instructor Permission to attend


Spin Pole

Take your level 1+ moves and set them in motion.  Serious attitude and determination required.

 *Must have completed at least two (2) Pole L1 to attend

Advanced Spin Pole

Moves from L2 and L3 are graceful and transitions are smooth while spinning.

*Instructor permission to attend


Pole Conditioning

Get ready to sweat! This is an intermediate pole conditioning class for clients to increase strength, grip, & flexibility for more advanced combination, transitions, etc. 

*Must have completed at least two (2) Pole L1 to attend

Floorwork Flow

There is more to pole dancing than just tricks. Learn how to transition fluidly from floor tricks to floor poses; all the while engaging your abs, building your flexibility, working on your balance, & strengthening all over your body.
*No Previous Pole Experience is needed.

***Heels Optional

Class Descriptions